Saturday, December 27, 2008

( Part Four )

( Talking about EMBARRASSING situations. )

Mcdreamy’s pants hung perfectly on his waist and a grey wife beater undershirt that showed off his toned muscles nicely. You could see that he has been doing a lot of work from the sweat beads on his forehead.

Everything blurred, all I could picture is him grabbing me so close to him that my face was a few inches away, I put my arms around him, and waited for him to get closer to kiss me. It didn’t take THAT long for me to realize it’s an illusion. I’ve been standing there for several moments frozen; I snapped out my figment of imagination and realized it was too good to be true. I turned around, gripped my bags again eager not to drop anything and accidently said out loudly “ayaaaaaih ge63a!!” Suddenly, all the titter totter of the boxes behind me stopped. “Na3am ishgeltyy masema3t, kenti itkalmeeni?” a different voice asked.

I turned around slowly; there he was wrapping both hands around the old-looking box. His eyes made me feel as if I’m stuck in time, I swear his eyes make him look like an amazing hypnotist just waiting to work his magic. I basked in the glow of his enchanting eyes.

I was thunderstruck, stuttering words that make absolutely no sense what so ever, my eyes rolled to the right then to the left. My cheeks were the darkest shade of red, as if I used my entire Mac scarlet blush at one time. It was officially the most awkward situation I’ve ever been in, and for the first time I felt my knees were not supporting me.

I stared at his face, engraving every aspect of his features into my memory. I took one look, really focusing on what else there is to see, but then I see something more. I gazed strongly at his eyes, looking deeply into their depths. His pupils projecting a beam of brown. I thought to myself; I will never find beauty in eyes like his, nor would I find a connection like this.

“Hi..” He greeted me with his startling smile.

Friday, December 26, 2008

( Part Three )

(You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess. It’s a love story, baby just say yes <3)

I looked at her, she looked right through me. So Am I meant to let my feeling burst out and cry or should I act like I’m strong and that it will be alright?

“Yuma ya3ni shlone bnsafer o bntrek kelshy ihni; rab3i, derasti, my cousins?” I questioned.

“O mno galech ina intai btyen ma3anah?!” she replied.

“La walla ya3ni itge6ooni ihni o tamshoon 3ani o ana batem ma3a mn ihni?”

*puzzled expression*

“Your aunty l6eefa is living alone mn ma twafat yadetich allah yar7emha o ya3’med rooo7ha fel janah. She’ll stay in our house for a while o btraqbich intei, e5tich, o e5ooch il 93’eer o ana baroo7 ma3a ibooch o Rashood. Inshalla benerja3 lama yeshfa, and if that takes to long we’ll come visiting.” Mama declared.

I pressed on the circular button to turn the radio on so that I change the subject. “3asa rabi ey5aleek le3yooni.. oo 3asa rabi ey5aleeni le3yoonek.. wala shay denyeti teswa bedoonik..” 3abdulmajeed’s voice burst out of the speakers. I immediately remembered e5ti il 3ooda zain <3.>

Rashoodi came out of Mcdeez struggling to carry the three large papers bags, I got out of the car and opened the door so that he doesn’t drop the food, aham shy my nuggets!!!

Once we reached home, I got out of the car and realized that there was a moving in truck in front of the house besides us.

There was a guy was carrying boxes, and I swear once my eyes saw him I whispered “perfect”.
[ Tall, Dark, and HANDSOME, The Arabic version of MCDREAMY!! ]

( Part Two )

(They say life is beyond you're control. How you react to life, is completely your choice only.)

Ok, so Today’s hospital appointment was regarding rashoodi’s second MRI scans. Leaning back on the slightly uncomfortable chair in the waiting room, I prayed that the first scan’s were a mix up. The corridors were so narrow and long which seemed so sinister to me. Mama came out of the room holding large envelopes in her hand, her face was expressionless. Rashoodi stuck out his tongue and said “Guess what yal deba? I have a giant booger in my head”.
Mama went to the receptionist to pay for the scans.

"Mahegaitach 8asia chthe!!!"
*yelling, Man slaps woman*

Rashed and I shared glances, we peeked into the room. The woman’s head looked like it was going to turn 360 degrees " 5ale9aw il amaken yethaweshon fil mustashfa?!" yelled rashed. My mom waved at us signaling us to head to the car, " yal habal what do you wanna eat? 7adi yo3ana! " This might sound slightly awkward but he said "McDon"... not *mcdeez* or *MAC* but (McDon) *eyes rolling.*

We stopped at Mcdeez, the drive through was jammed with cars! We stopped at the door and asked rashed to go order inside.

"rashood yeeb 2 Mc Arabias one for mom and the other 7g baba, one Mc Nuggets 7agi, and 2 Big Macs 7ag il 5adamat, o e6leb ila tabeh"

Rashid scratched his head and gave me a sigh " Am i meant to memorize that?"

I looked for paper to write the order on, but only managed to find receipts of things i previously bought. Rashed took the piece paper and went into Mcdonalds.

Utter silence filled the car, i felt as if my mom wanted to tell me something but was hesitating. "Yuma ishfeech?!!!" i asked.

"Um 7annoonti 7abeebti... tara manegdar in5ali e5ooch yet3alaj fil Ba7rain, ile eydesh il mustashfa 9a7i, ye6la3 im5ar5ash!!"

"La76'a, What do you mean Manegdar in3alja ihni ?!!!"

Thursday, December 25, 2008

( Part One )

(I’m not sure why this is happening,
but like they say everything happens for a reason )

Many events occurred since she inhaled her very first breathe; some joyful and others devastating like the time when she came back home from school and realized that her goldfish was still and lifeless and the other time when her mom wouldn’t let her have a cat because of her father’s allergies. But this time, there was a lot of depression mixed in as well.

When her mom walked into the house holding her young brothers hand, she smothered the entire household with sorrow as she told the family the dreadful news of rashoodi having brain tumor. This kind of sadness was much more intense than anything that ever happened to 7annan. It’s funny how sadness creeps up on people slowly in the most unexpected moments. 7annan felt as if sadness was not enough strong emotion for this type or thing; she immediately headed to her room, hid under the bed sheets and took a sleeping pill to escape the pain. The image of not having rashed around shattered her heart to pieces, leaving her with agonizing thoughts. Depression has officially stepped in and taken over.

Counting the many pills on the table besides her bed, 7annan fought suicide and tried so hard to get out of the grip of negativity and back to lala land. She thought of memories to lift her spirit like the time when her two younger brothers and her older sister would wait for their parents to leave so that they could order fast food. 7annan’s mom restricted junk food, so once they’d order food they would erase all the traces as if they have committed a crime, but the four little kids never thought that throwing the wrappers in the bin was riskful. 7anan rolled around in her bed as tears rolled down her face and looked at the superman sign they painted on her wall and the many quotes they picked up from the movie “Juno” and “Family Guy” scribbled under; “You look like a hobbit from the goonies” and “Uh, there's a half-dead-fat-man eating a dead-fat-man “.

7annan got up walked to the wall and jotted one more quote; “Sadness dulls the heart more than the grossest sin” as she exhaled hope and took in breathes of misery.