Saturday, December 27, 2008

( Part Four )

( Talking about EMBARRASSING situations. )

Mcdreamy’s pants hung perfectly on his waist and a grey wife beater undershirt that showed off his toned muscles nicely. You could see that he has been doing a lot of work from the sweat beads on his forehead.

Everything blurred, all I could picture is him grabbing me so close to him that my face was a few inches away, I put my arms around him, and waited for him to get closer to kiss me. It didn’t take THAT long for me to realize it’s an illusion. I’ve been standing there for several moments frozen; I snapped out my figment of imagination and realized it was too good to be true. I turned around, gripped my bags again eager not to drop anything and accidently said out loudly “ayaaaaaih ge63a!!” Suddenly, all the titter totter of the boxes behind me stopped. “Na3am ishgeltyy masema3t, kenti itkalmeeni?” a different voice asked.

I turned around slowly; there he was wrapping both hands around the old-looking box. His eyes made me feel as if I’m stuck in time, I swear his eyes make him look like an amazing hypnotist just waiting to work his magic. I basked in the glow of his enchanting eyes.

I was thunderstruck, stuttering words that make absolutely no sense what so ever, my eyes rolled to the right then to the left. My cheeks were the darkest shade of red, as if I used my entire Mac scarlet blush at one time. It was officially the most awkward situation I’ve ever been in, and for the first time I felt my knees were not supporting me.

I stared at his face, engraving every aspect of his features into my memory. I took one look, really focusing on what else there is to see, but then I see something more. I gazed strongly at his eyes, looking deeply into their depths. His pupils projecting a beam of brown. I thought to myself; I will never find beauty in eyes like his, nor would I find a connection like this.

“Hi..” He greeted me with his startling smile.

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  1. this is amazing i can't wait for the next part = )