Thursday, December 25, 2008

( Part One )

(I’m not sure why this is happening,
but like they say everything happens for a reason )

Many events occurred since she inhaled her very first breathe; some joyful and others devastating like the time when she came back home from school and realized that her goldfish was still and lifeless and the other time when her mom wouldn’t let her have a cat because of her father’s allergies. But this time, there was a lot of depression mixed in as well.

When her mom walked into the house holding her young brothers hand, she smothered the entire household with sorrow as she told the family the dreadful news of rashoodi having brain tumor. This kind of sadness was much more intense than anything that ever happened to 7annan. It’s funny how sadness creeps up on people slowly in the most unexpected moments. 7annan felt as if sadness was not enough strong emotion for this type or thing; she immediately headed to her room, hid under the bed sheets and took a sleeping pill to escape the pain. The image of not having rashed around shattered her heart to pieces, leaving her with agonizing thoughts. Depression has officially stepped in and taken over.

Counting the many pills on the table besides her bed, 7annan fought suicide and tried so hard to get out of the grip of negativity and back to lala land. She thought of memories to lift her spirit like the time when her two younger brothers and her older sister would wait for their parents to leave so that they could order fast food. 7annan’s mom restricted junk food, so once they’d order food they would erase all the traces as if they have committed a crime, but the four little kids never thought that throwing the wrappers in the bin was riskful. 7anan rolled around in her bed as tears rolled down her face and looked at the superman sign they painted on her wall and the many quotes they picked up from the movie “Juno” and “Family Guy” scribbled under; “You look like a hobbit from the goonies” and “Uh, there's a half-dead-fat-man eating a dead-fat-man “.

7annan got up walked to the wall and jotted one more quote; “Sadness dulls the heart more than the grossest sin” as she exhaled hope and took in breathes of misery.

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