Friday, December 26, 2008

( Part Three )

(You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess. It’s a love story, baby just say yes <3)

I looked at her, she looked right through me. So Am I meant to let my feeling burst out and cry or should I act like I’m strong and that it will be alright?

“Yuma ya3ni shlone bnsafer o bntrek kelshy ihni; rab3i, derasti, my cousins?” I questioned.

“O mno galech ina intai btyen ma3anah?!” she replied.

“La walla ya3ni itge6ooni ihni o tamshoon 3ani o ana batem ma3a mn ihni?”

*puzzled expression*

“Your aunty l6eefa is living alone mn ma twafat yadetich allah yar7emha o ya3’med rooo7ha fel janah. She’ll stay in our house for a while o btraqbich intei, e5tich, o e5ooch il 93’eer o ana baroo7 ma3a ibooch o Rashood. Inshalla benerja3 lama yeshfa, and if that takes to long we’ll come visiting.” Mama declared.

I pressed on the circular button to turn the radio on so that I change the subject. “3asa rabi ey5aleek le3yooni.. oo 3asa rabi ey5aleeni le3yoonek.. wala shay denyeti teswa bedoonik..” 3abdulmajeed’s voice burst out of the speakers. I immediately remembered e5ti il 3ooda zain <3.>

Rashoodi came out of Mcdeez struggling to carry the three large papers bags, I got out of the car and opened the door so that he doesn’t drop the food, aham shy my nuggets!!!

Once we reached home, I got out of the car and realized that there was a moving in truck in front of the house besides us.

There was a guy was carrying boxes, and I swear once my eyes saw him I whispered “perfect”.
[ Tall, Dark, and HANDSOME, The Arabic version of MCDREAMY!! ]

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